Natural Gas Consulting
Natural Gas Consulting- GDS Associates

Natural Gas Consulting

GDS provides creative solutions to help our clients meet challenges arising in both regulated and competitive environments within the evolving natural gas utility industry. Our team of highly qualified professionals works to address complex economic, engineering, accounting, policy, and regulatory issues with clients including consumer groups, publicly owned utilities, regulatory authorities, military and government agencies.


GDS conducts rate analyses and studies to determine the fairness and financial foundation of rate structures. We can evaluate, establish, and revise natural gas rates to meet increased costs of providing service and implementing regulatory initiatives, while balancing the requirements of the company and its customers. Several of the professionals at GDS are skilled witnesses who have provided expert testimony on a wide range of rate case topics and issues. Our services include:

  • Cost of service studies
  • Expert testimony
  • Rate design evaluation
  • Rate studies
  • Rate case evaluation
  • Cost of capital analyses
  • City gate purchases
  • Service rules and regulations
  • Transportation rates


GDS offers specialized consulting to guide our clients through every stage of the planning and implementation cycle. We use our expertise to identify issues and develop strategies that result in solutions to the challenges created by today’s constantly changing market. We assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Merger and acquisition valuation (including technique selection)
  • Industry restructuring
  • Risk management (hedging, policy development, etc.)
  • Financial analysis and competitive analysis
  • Energy procurement strategies and negotiations assistance
  • Unbundling services

GASB 34 Compliance Services

The engineering and accounting staff at GDS can assist municipal utilities in evaluating GASB 34 and how it may impact utility services. Based on client needs, we will:

  • Review and/or modify depreciation methods
  • Evaluate whether the “modified approach” is a practical option
  • Review and improve capitalization policies and procedures
  • Assist in the formulation of an asset management plan and long-term asset maintenance strategies
  • Assist financial personnel with the MD&A


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Chuck Loy
Ellen Blumenthal
Paul Wielgus
Dick Spellman
Jack Madden