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Information Technology

PC/Network Troubleshooting

A complete understanding of client business problems and needs is critical to the implementation of successful IT systems. GDS specializes in understanding these issues and combines this knowledge with select technologies to create cost-effective solutions.


Bringing together a collection of hardware and software systems that can work together reliably is a difficult task. The IT staff at GDS has the tools and skills to accomplish that goal. Using a diverse base of hardware and software, our IT group can combine the advanced features of various off-the-shelf programs to create solutions specific to each business. This ability is an important advantage for our clients.


To most people, the Internet is a computer network for sending and receiving e-mail, discovering new products and services, and getting the latest news and sports headlines. However, the technologies behind these features are not limited to the Internet alone. By applying these technologies to corporate networks, the GDS IT group has created easy-to-use and reliable information systems for our clients. “Web-enabled applications” are software programs that solve unique business problems with the use of Internet technology (intranets). Built using centralized databases, these web sites help businesses track their customers, products, and services. With the addition of security software, these web sites also enable business-to-business solutions (extranets).


Remote and mobile access to corporate data is a challenge for most organizations.

We recognize that quick, secure, and reliable access to data resources including e-mail, contacts, appointments, tasks, and business documents is essential — even from home or while traveling. The GDS IT group has the knowledge and experience to find a best-fit solution for your business, combining off-the-shelf hardware/software products with the latest wireless technologies.


Even small businesses are sometimes overwhelmed when company-wide technology upgrades are required. The installation of a single new workstation can result in downtime and lost opportunity. GDS engineers and technicians are skilled in the efficient planning of system upgrades and improvements, server upgrades, workstation replacement, and software roll-outs–all of which can be managed to minimize downtime.


We recognize the importance of reliable personal computer and network systems. Through careful planning and expert analysis, GDS-designed networks have uptimes in excess of 99.9%. Our PC services include selection and specification of hardware and software, setup and configuration, and software/hardware troubleshooting.


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