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Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis

the power supply

Hi-Line Engineering can develop an Arc-Flash Assessment for your distribution system from its point of delivery to your meters in accordance with OSHA and NESC requirements. 

Exposure to heat energy from an arc is managed through overcurrent protection, work practices, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our analysis will develop the amount of heat energy on various points on your system based on your work rules. We may also suggest changes to the work rules to lower the PPE requirements (e.g. working some components of your system de-energized).

Hi-Line Engineering utilizes the methods outlined in IEEE 1584 and the ARCPRO software to determine incident energy levels depending on voltage class. We have completed numerous arc flash hazard assessments for our clients including follow-analysis on many systems which include major changes to the system (such as power transformers upgrades, new substations, or voltage conversion) or changes to the calculations methods, such as those in the 2018 version of the IEEE 1584 standard.



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