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Transmission Planning

Transmission Services Planning

John Chiles

The GDS Transmission Service staff of engineers and analysts is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help clients tackle transmission planning concerns. GDS works with its clients to ensure that effective communication and coordination occurs with matters related to RTO involvement, stakeholder services and tariff development.

Rising electricity demand has led to the need for a more modernized transmission infrastructure. As a result, new transmission construction must be developed to properly balance electricity across the grid and address the needs of consumers. In order to ensure efficient upgrades, proper coordination between market participants, RTOs and FERC in creating short and long-term transmission plans is critical. Parties must actively monitor and analyze the grid in order to determine enhancements that will prove to be both beneficial and essential to the reliability of the transmission system.


Transmission planning involves the evaluation of the prudence of system upgrades and the impact of grid expansion on our clients’ business goals. GDS conducts:

  • Power flow analyses
  • short circuit analyses
  • transfer limit/AFC studies
  • New interconnection evaluation
  • Balancing authority development
  • Transmission service requests and applications

GDS regularly participates in Regional Planning, Markets, and Operations Groups.


The transmission landscape is being reshaped almost continuously as RTOs continue to develop and grow. It is critical that clients be involved in and understand the implications of the policy and process development activities, and attempt to develop rules that meet clients’ business needs. GDS provides representation and analysis of various RTO development activities for our clients in multiple jurisdictions.

  • New market implementation
  • New entrant participation
  • Regional working group representation
  • Protocol development
  • RTO seams issues


As stakeholders, it is important that market participants stay up to date with any changes and modifications in an RTO. GDS’ stakeholder services include representation at RTO task forces, working groups and other committees. In addition, GDS assists in the facilitation of stakeholder issues through RTO processes and aides in strategic planning.

  • Generation and Load Interconnections
  • Transmission Service/Deliverability Support
  • Reliability/Economic Project Development
  • Cost Allocation Issues


Development and implementation of the regulatory and commercial implications of the changing world of Open Access Transmission requires a firm with the ability to provide advice and assistance to its clients to help them be prepared for and manage the new environment. GDS staff has helped multiple entities understand the requirements of FERC open access policy and be able to establish and update practices to handle the complexities of energy delivery.

  • OATT development and modifications
  • Evaluation of OASIS Business Practices
  • OASIS business practice development and training


John Chiles