TransActions - June/July 2015 - GDS Associates

TransActions – June/July 2015


Survivor: The Natural Gas Dilemma Edition

SurvivorAlthough natural gas will not be the only fuel source for meeting all of the growth in the power generation sector, the growth in renewable power resources implicitly relies on natural gas resources to provide reliability support due to the intermittent nature and limited availability of existing renewable energy technologies. But as these upward trends are merging with other trends there is the potential to create discontinuities in the natural gas market.


Distributed Generation: Making a Deal Between Opportunities and Challenges

The Utility Dive’s 2015 State of the Electricity Utility survey of 433 U.S. electric utility executives indicates that distributed generation (“DG”) will be the biggest driver of disruptive growth in the industry over the next five years. Utilities recognize the vast opportunity distributed energy resources can provide as well as the unique challenges they present. Some companies have been exploring DG technologies and General Electric has created a new DG business by combining parts of its transportation, aviation and engines divisions to meet what GE calls, “a $100 billion opportunity”.