TransActions - July/August 2016 - GDS Associates

TransActions – July/August 2016


Utilities are Toughening Up to Improve Resiliency in the Face of Emergencies

ExplorerElectric utilities are most often judged by their consumers based upon two criteria; (1) the cost of the commodity and (2) ability of the utility to reliably deliver the commodity. Utility reliability is measured in terms of System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI). These indices are defined by IEEE standards and allow comparison of reliability levels for utilities within the United States or by region. In fact, many regulators have reliability standards that regulated utilities must meet with an impetus for the utilities to be in the top quartile of service reliability.


The Key to Maximizing the Value of Your Own Transmission System

ExplorerHave you ever noticed when automobile advertisers are touting their latest and newest toys, much is made of the monthly lease payments but rarely do you hear about the actual cost of the car were you to buy it outright? At the end of the lease, you had the privilege of driving the vehicle, but you never actually “owned” the car. Transitioning that concept to transmission, many load serving or transmission dependent customers have been paying for transmission facilities owned by incumbent transmission providers for decades through grandfathered agreements and the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) for the privilege of driving across those wires but never owning any assets.


Upcoming Conferences

JULY 25-27
Texas Public Power Association Annual Meeting
Austin, TX

July 31 – Aug 3
Texas Electric Cooperatives Meeting
San Antonio, TX

2016 Webinars

Mining AMI Data for More Efficiency in Transformer Installations and Replacements

August 9
Distribution Planning Criteria

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