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Efficiency Moves Upstream

The role of energy efficiency in the modern utility industry is very simple. The goal is to incent utility customers to invest in a more efficient product or service than they normally would, something better than the business as usual case. The problems begin if a program incentivizes too little and it ends up with no participation and no measurable demand reduction or incentivizes too much and the program becomes oversubscribed and unattainable.

Credit Ratings 101

In recent years, credit has come to the forefront within many segments of the US economy, including energy markets. Whether dealing with RTOs, lenders, contractual counter parties, or even customers, credit is increasingly becoming a major factor in deciding whether, and/or how, to transact with a particular party, and often impacts the terms and conditions of such a transaction. When evaluating the credit risk of an entity, credit ratings are often used as a basis of determining its credit quality or creditworthiness.

Upcoming Conferences

February 13-16
AESP 27th National Conference
Orlando, FL
February 26-March 1
NRECA Tech Advantage Conference & Expo
San Diego, CA
March 7-8
SEEA Greenprints Conference
Atlanta, GA

2017 Webinars

March 7
NESC Clearances from Buildings
August 9
NESC Clearances for Joint Use Facilities
Note: All webinars are recorded and are available for viewing post-presentation.