RTO Settlements and Scheduling Services

GDS provides expertise to perform required RTO forecasting and scheduling services each day

RTO Settlement and Scheduling Services

Most public power utilities do not have adequate staffing/availability to address day-to-day load management and operational requirements. GDS provides on-the-ground expertise to perform required RTO forecasting and scheduling services each day to optimize our clients’ daily loads and resource schedules. Through its partnership with OATi, GDS also provides clients with real-time access and transparency of scheduling data, corresponding RTO settlement reports, access to any desired market data and streamlined billing dispute processes.

RTO Settlement Services – Detailed assistance in understanding RTO costs and tracking these costs. Client and consultant have access to RTO settlements and shadow settlement projections via OATi webTrader® platform.

Scheduling Services – Day-ahead load forecasts (load/generation), prepare demand response bids and coordinate the schedule for market power resources and other basic generation configurations. Client and consultant have access to scheduling tool to view daily demand response bids and resource supply contracts via OATI webTrader® platform.

RTO Involvement

As RTOs continue to develop and expand, the market landscape is being reshaped almost continuously. It is critical that clients be involved in and understand the implications of the policy and process development activities, and attempt to develop rules that meet their business needs. GDS provides representation and analysis of various RTO development activities for our clients in multiple jurisdictions.

  • New market implementation
  • Market participant registration
  • Regional working group representation
  • Protocol development
  • RTO seams issues

Back-office billing and settlements

Once the regulatory dust has settled and clients are functioning in the new environment, two questions remain: Did you get the service you wanted and did you get charged appropriately for the service received? GDS works with its clients to ensure you receive accurate billing and settlement information from your transmission service providers and/or RTOs.

  • Joint access for consultant/client to OATi software settlements and scheduling tool
  • Real-time shadow settlement forecasts before RTO settlements are released
  • Detailed view of ISO/RTO Billing Data and formulas for cost calculation
  • Customized reports for key billing metrics
  • Automated billing dispute process with RTOs
  • Monthly/Periodic summary of RTO billing data

Day-ahead load and RESOURCE Scheduling

GDS provides daily forecasting expertise for load and basic generation utilizing a combination of regression and neural network forecasting techniques and essential weather data projections. GDS optimizes the balance of market exposure between the Day-Ahead and Real-Time market in its day-to-day operational assistance.

  • Day-Ahead load forecasting
  • Scheduling market resources/contracts
  • Administering contracts with client suppliers
  • Submitting Day-Ahead demand bids based on load/resources
  • Periodic updates to load/resource forecasting models for accuracy improvement


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