Risk Management Services
Energy markets are inherently risky, and recent years have proven just how risky they can be.

Risk Management Services

The energy business stays in a state of continuous flux. Energy markets are inherently risky, and recent years have proven just how risky they can be. GDS understands that risk management is more than energy price management, more than regulatory compliance, and that each client faces a unique set of challenges and risks. To fully understand and mitigate the risks that can affect your business and your cost structure, your leadership team must have a complete view of these exposures. GDS can help your leadership team develop and implement an effective comprehensive risk management program that will identify, evaluate, and mitigate the risks that threaten the strategic and financial goals across your business.

Our Approach

Our approach incorporates quantitative and qualitative techniques to capture, assess, measure, evaluate, and mitigate the risks that can impact a business’s strategic and financial objectives and asset options, along with its operations, and ultimately the bottom line.

  • Develop forecasted multi-year financial models
  • Identify and quantify risks in all business segments that can impact these models
  • Perform a probability analysis of these risks using simulation techniques
  • Conduct a cash-flow-at-risk analysis to determine financial impact
  • Utilize a Risk Matrix as a tool for developing a risk mitigation work plan
  • Repeat the process based upon the risks and needs of the business

Our Product Offerings

Risk Assessment   Risk identification and measurement, including probability analysis of the forecasted multi-year financial statements

Risk Matrix   Proactive management plan used to mitigate each risk

Risk Policies/Procedures   Custom tailored guidelines and directives to insure program compliance

Virtual Chief Risk Officer   Ongoing active advisory services that incorporate all of the above

Experience And Capabilities

  • Extensive capabilities to provide a comprehensive approach to risk management
  • Risk intelligence expertise needed to identify the exposures that can impact all segments of your business
  • Proven track record of assisting leadership teams in meeting the challenges of maneuvering successfully through the energy industry


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