Regulatory and Restructuring Services
GDS provides comprehensive regulatory and restructuring services to generators, transmitters, distributors, and large users of energy.

Regulatory and Restructuring Services

GDS provides comprehensive regulatory and restructuring services to generators, transmitters, distributors, and large users of energy.

Industry restructuring initiatives across the country have made a solid regulatory strategy essential. Classic cost of service studies are being replaced with studies of unbundled utility services. Rate and rate design strategies are more complex than ever. GDS brings decades of expert experience in all aspects of utility rate litigation, contract negotiation, and transmission access.


Transmission access, pricing, and operation issues are currently at the forefront of a more deregulated power market across the U.S. GDS has been involved in transmission issues from the rulemaking beginnings of FERC Order 888, through Order 2000 and its Standard Market Design initiative and provides the following services to clients:

  • Locational marginal pricing
  • Transmission evaluations, using load flow analysis
  • Constraint evaluations (FCITC)
  • Flowgate evaluations
  • Load pocket determinations
  • Import and export evaluation
  • Power marketing/trading support
  • Production costing
  • Transmission availability
  • OASIS monitoring
  • Power plant development
  • Siting assistance – transmission
  • Transmission integration analysis
  • Coordination of interconnection requests
  • Asset integration and optimization using generation dispatch modeling
  • Transmission service contract negotiations
  • Ancillary service/loss evaluations and negotiations
  • Power supply contract negotiations
  • Expert testimony
  • Transmission access tariffs
  • Market power issues
  • RTO development
  • NERC reliability council monitoring
  • Transmission and generation operations
  • Control area certification
  • Dynamic scheduling coordination
  • Cost of capital analyses

Wholesale and Retail Rate and Regulatory Consulting

Deregulation and uncertainty in power markets, along with large energy pricing swings, are unrivaled in the utility industry and require flexibility in ratemaking and regulatory strategies. GDS offers broad expertise in regulatory accounting, rate design, economics, finance, and engineering. Our experts are widely regarded for negotiating favorable agreements and for winning favorable rulings by providing testimony addressing a wide range of regulatory issues, including:

  • Industry Restructuring and Deregulation
  • RTO and ISO Formation
  • Power Plant and Transmission Line Certification
  • Power Plant Management Prudence
  • System Dispatch and Fuel Procurement Analysis
  • Cost of Service and Rate Design
  • Open Access Transmission Issues
  • Expert Testimony
  • Cost of Capital Analyses

Technical Litigation Services

GDS provides a range of technical litigation services covering all aspects of case development, including:

  • Pre-Litigation Identification and Evaluation of Issues
  • Discovery and Database Development
  • Formulation of Technical and Managerial Issues and Preparation of Strategies
  • Development of Questions for Depositions
  • Provision of Expert Testimony and Quantification of Damages

Our experts have provided litigation support and damage analyses in several major lawsuits involving complex, technical issues related to utility management, construction, operation, accounting, and tax issues in federal courts and regulatory proceedings.


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