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Rate, Regulatory and Financial Services

The ongoing pace of regulatory uncertainty and economic volatility is unrivaled in the utility industry and requires equally unparalleled flexibility in ratemaking and regulatory strategies. GDS has been at the forefront of industry rate and regulatory policy, offering broad expertise in regulatory ratemaking, accounting, economics, finance, and engineering.


The continuing evolution of retail power markets is causing electric distribution systems to seek innovative and aggressive means of maintaining financial stability and controlling costs while maintaining efficiency and service reliability. GDS offers considerable expertise in the areas of:

  • Retail rates
  • Revenue requirements
  • Unbundled cost of service analysis
  • Marginal cost analysis
  • Traditional retail rate design
  • Time of use and innovative rate design
  • Competitive pricing strategies
  • Load forecasting
  • Financial forecasting
  • Policy development
  • Line extensions
  • Distributed generation
  • Interconnection and net metering
  • Demand-Side Management analysis
  • Merger, acquisition, and valuation studies


Federal and state regulatory changes and increased competition require flexible and aggressive ratemaking and regulatory strategies. GDS offers broad expertise in ratemaking theories and has helped clients attain favorable rulings by providing expert testimony addressing major regulatory issues, including:

  • Industry restructuring
  • Jurisdictional cost separation
  • Cost of service and rate design
  • Integrated Resource Planning
  • Power plant and transmission line certification
  • System dispatch and fuel procurement analysis
  • Cost of capital analyses
  • OATT tariffs/rates


The formation and evolution of workable regional transmission organizations and/or independent system operators is critical to truly fluid and competitive energy markets. Clients turn to GDS for guidance through the rapidly changing ground rules being shaped by federal and state regulators, including:

  • Open access transmission tariffs/rates (OATT)
  • Open access transmission issues
  • Retail choice strategies

Financial Services

GDS offers specialized expertise in utility financial consulting. We have helped clients develop engineering and economic documentation to support loan applications for the financing of generation, transmission and distribution projects.