Power Supply Planning

power supply negotiations

Securing adequate and reliable power resources is crucial to thriving in a more competitive electrical market. As the short and long-term power supply market has been rocked in recent years with volatile prices and shortages, GDS has helped guide its clients through uncharted territory by developing sound power supply portfolios with a diverse mixture of term lengths, technology, and fuel supply.


GDS is known as an industry leader in developing creative and flexible power supply strategies. We’ve also been active in helping shape the industry debate on transmission access, market design, and competition. By combining an in-depth understanding of utility planning, operations, and regulation with aggressive negotiating techniques, we have been able to help our public power and industrial clients secure favorable power supply arrangements with substantial long-term power cost benefits.


Our staff provides expertise in all areas of resource planning, including:


Power Plant and Purchased Power Feasibility Analysis


Resource Optimization


Demand-Side Management


Load Forecasting


Production Cost Modeling


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