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John W. Chiles

John W. Chiles


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“The changes in transmission from a bundled service to a valuable commodity present great challenges and greater opportunities for new entrants in the wires business. Meeting reliability needs is still the foundation of what we do, but it must be evaluated in light of the economic impacts afforded in Day 2 markets.”

John has more than 22 years of electric utility and consulting experience. He has worked in several sectors of the energy industry, including cooperatives, municipals, investor-owned utilities, and merchant energy companies. His experience includes generation resource planning, transmission planning and policy, interconnection policy, transfer capability analysis and Day 2 market asset/FTR valuation. He has represented multiple companies at Regional Transmission Organizations and has provided technical guidance on issues before state commissions and the FERC. Recently, Mr. Chiles has been involved in the Entergy/MISO integration on behalf of several GDS clients, offering testimony before State Commissions.


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of South Florida


  • Transmission Planning and Policy
  • Interconnection Policy and Planning
  • Deliverability Analyses
  • Day 2 Market Strategic Planning
  • System Loss Analysis
  • Transmission Issues Regulatory Support

Providing solid engineering and energy consultant services throughout the U.S.