Industrial and Commercial Energy Services - GDS
Industrial and Commercial Energy Services

Industrial and Commercial Energy Services

GDS Associates can diagnose where you can make improvements to your existing systems, assess your potential energy savings and assist you with obtaining financial incentives from utilities as well as state and federal sources.

Energy Services

  • Energy audits – ASHRAE Level 1-3
  • Detailed feasibility studies
  • Energy action plans for business and municipalities
  • Energy procurement research, analysis and implementation
  • EPA Energy Star benchmarking analysis and services
  • Assistance with applications for utility program incentives
  • Load curtailment and demand response services
  • Energy modeling
  • Retrocommissioning
  • Third party owner’s representative for performance contracting

We offer industrial and commercial energy assessments and feasibility studies ranging from high-level walkthrough audits to in-depth, technology-specific feasibility studies with long-term metering. Our expertise includes buildings and facilities of all types and sizes.

GDS assessments include:

  • Evaluation of baseline energy use
  • Descriptions of recommendations for improvements
  • Supporting engineering calculations
  • Financial analysis
  • Prioritized list of recommendations based on payback or lifecycle cost
  • True power metering of air compressors and process motors
  • Compressed air system analysis
  • Performance testing of boiler and chiller systems
  • Light level analysis
  • Steam system analysis
  • Evaluation of building shell


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