Right-of-Way Management

Hi-Line has a registered forester on staff who uses his knowledge of plant physiology and the operation of power systems to design and implement an efficient plan to control vegetation growth on right-of-ways.

GreenLine Right-of-Way Management

GreenLine Environmental assists utilities with long-term control of vegetation on utility right-of-ways while reducing maintenance costs and increasing energy efficiency. GreenLine’s staff is composed of registered foresters, ISA certified arborists, and professional biologists. Our experience in both power line design and operation complement our expertise in vegetation management on right-of-ways.

Utility Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

Through effective management, GreenLine Environmental provides long-term control of vegetation on utility right-of-ways while reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency. Please contact us for services in the following areas:

  • Right-of-Way Vegetation Management Plans
  • Contracts and Specifications for Clearing and Trimming
  • Herbicide Treatment Prescriptions and Application Contracts
  • GPS Inventory and Mapping of Right-of-Way Vegetation
  • Customer Notification, Complaint Resolution, and Tree Replacement

GPS and GIS Services

GreenLine Environmental employs sub-meter geographical positioning system (GPS) equipment for accurate mapping and data collection to efficiently manage the utility’s plant investment. We develop geo-referenced maps of utility lines that can be overlaid onto aerial photographs, USGS quadrangles, or governmental road maps. Our list of GPS/GIS services includes:

  • Electric, Gas, and Water Plant Inventory
  • Right-of-Way Vegetation Inventory
  • Utility Joint-Use Surveys and Attachment Inventories
  • Utility Plant Detail Maps and Databases
  • Accounting, Operating, and Engineering Service Automation

Environmental Assessment

GreenLine utilizes biological knowledge and practical experience to develop strategies for the conservation of our natural resources. Using state-of-the-art technology, GreenLine can manage the valuable natural resources of our world and generate harmony between the needs of industry and the environmental concerns of the public. Our environmental assessment services include:

  • Forest Fuel Modeling for Wildfire Prevention
  • Endangered Wildlife and Plant Species Survey
  • Governmental Permit Filing and Administration
  • Recreational Use Assessment and Management Plans
  • Natural Resource GPS/GIS Inventories and Maps

Urban Forestry

The GreenLine professional staff of ISA certified arborists and registered foresters has the knowledge and experience to advise municipals, universities, and the military on how to protect, maintain, and enhance the trees and vegetation in high-density population centers. We offer the following urban forestry services:

  • Tree Assessment and Management Plans
  • Tree Preservation Plans for Construction Sites
  • Hazardous Tree Inspection and Evaluation
  • Specifications for Tree Removal and Replacement
  • Green Space Design and Management

Forestry and Land Use Planning Expertise for Carbon Sequestration

GDS can help develop plans to better manage right-of-way and land holdings to help meet compliance requirements and develop carbon credit generation including:

  • Land use planning
  • Right-of-way vegetation sequestration
  • Timber management


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