Environmental Services Consulting and Management - GDS

Environmental Services and Management

GDS provides comprehensive environmental engineering, regulatory affairs, and energy systems services with a seasoned professional staff experienced in engineering, power production, renewable energy, and federal and state environmental regulations and policy.

GDS provides guidance to its environmental services clients from project conception to completion to implement project management and avoid costly mistakes.

Environmental Engineering


  • Water pollution abatement plan and pollution controls
  • Spill prevention, controls, and countermeasures plans
  • Air pollution control strategies and testing equipment
  • Materials handling systems


  • Air, wastewater, water rights, and waste
  • Stormwater permits and solid waste registrations audits
  • Environmental impacts of facility operations
  • Total plant processes in context of external influences and permit or regulatory requirements
  • Needs assessment and implementation strategies
  • Environmental risks and physical security of energy and manufacturing processes and facilities


  • Employee and neighbor mediation
  • Permit application and facility operation issues identification
  • Cost-effective solutions for contested permits

Regulatory Affairs


  • Preparation of permit applications
  • Coordination with regulatory staff in writing applications
  • Cost-effective solutions to address regulatory interpretations
  • Expert witness testimony


  • Operational and environmental record review to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Shortfall identification
  • Corrective action recommendations
  • Agency coordination to resolve compliance issues


  • Notices of violation, corrective action directives, agreed orders, or findings orders
  • Responses to enforcement actions that address concerns and prevent recurrence
  • Supplemental environmental projects

Rules Development

  • Participation in rule-making process on client’s behalf
  • Oversight to ensure appropriate balance in proposed rules

Energy Systems


  • Power production systems including ancillary and auxiliary equipment
  • Equipment specifications per client’s needs
  • Develop appropriate upgrades and retrofits to existing equipment


  • Operating procedures and experience evaluations
  • Recommendations to enhance reliability, maintenance costs, or system efficiency


  • Test protocols and equipment to track performance and verify contract compliance
  • Training client’s staff to conduct code-compliant tests
  • Results evaluation and action recommendations

Carbon Compliance and Renewable Energy

  • Evaluate potential projects for economic worthiness and reliability
  • Manage projects for landfill gas, hydroelectric, biomass, solar, and wind energy
  • Provide utility and end users carbon compliance and offset consulting
  • Conduct research on innovative technologies


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