Hospitality Energy Consulting
Energy costs represent a significant portion of the total operating expense within the hospitality industry.

Energy Consulting for the Hospitality Industry

Energy costs represent a significant portion of the total operating expense within the hospitality industry. It is also one of the most readily controllable costs. GDS Associates is an independent energy consulting firm with niche expertise in the hospitality industry. Our engineers and consultants specialize in the identification, analysis, and implementation of energy improvement projects that save money and positively impact the guest experience.

Energy Consulting Services

GDS has broad experience with energy improvement projects in the hospitality industry and possesses strong analytical abilities. We focus on providing clear and conservative economic analyses for decision makers.

Utility Rebate Coordination

GDS has a deep understanding of utility, state and federal rebate programs. GDS works with clients and their utility providers to maximize rebate and financing opportunities for qualified projects.

End-of-life Replacement OF Building Systems And Components

The typical lifespan for major building systems is 15-25 years, and owners are continuously investing capital funds into failed or failing systems. Many replacement projects are done reactively with little forethought into long term operating expense and utility rebate eligibility. GDS provides:

  • Life cycle cost analyses
  • Utility rebate coordination
  • System specification and procurement of competitive bids
  • Long term energy management planning

Major Renovations and New Construction Projects

Product Improvement Plans (PIP’s) and new construction projects represent an excellent opportunity to reduce energy costs and secure significant utility rebates, however many projects focus exclusively on lowest initial cost and leave rebate dollars on the table. GDS provides:

  • Energy due diligence studies for purchased properties
  • Design reviews and consultation with architects and engineers
  • Utility rebate negotiations
  • Owner’s project manager services


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