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Dan Heller

Dan Heller




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As VP/CFO for GDS Associates, Inc. and GDS Canada Consulting Ltd., Mr. Heller brings a broad business perspective built on more than 45 years of past experiences to his responsibilities.  He has been involved in active management within many different industries including: construction, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution and consulting.  Mr. Heller has “hand on” practical experience organizing and managing the administration for United States, Canadian and European firms.  His extensive previous experiences include a CPA firm, publicly held firms, privately held firms, multi-national firms and as Principal of his own consulting firm.  The divisions or companies, through which have been administratively supported by Mr. Heller’s management, have ranged in size from medium to very large in both staff and revenues.

His experience covers successful management across many diverse areas of cost cutting, forecasting, cash management, budgeting, strategic planning, investment management, currency hedging, SEC reporting, SOX compliance, asset valuation, lease analysis, cost accounting, time studies, large capital expenditure analysis, risk management, management information systems supervision, legal liaison, human resources management, merger & acquisition structuring, corporate management reorganization, debt restructuring, tax planning, internal controls, complex negotiations, federal, state, municipal and provincial regulatory compliance.

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