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Northern Illinois Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program

The Northern Illinois Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program works with dairy, swine, equine, poultry, greenhouse and other production farms. This program provides technical and financial assistance to save producers energy and money and is funded by the customers of ComEd, a northern Illinois electric utility, in compliance with Illinois law.


Illinois Farmers can improve Agricultural Operations and save money on energy costs

The Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program offers:

  • Free objective, third-party information on practical ways to save.
  • Cash incentives for installing energy efficient equipment.
  • Energy assessments tailored to your agricultural operations.
  • Step-by-step suggestions on how to save energy and money, now and in the future.

Quick and Easy Process

1. Confirm Eligibility | Eligible participants include residential and small business customers with a peak electric load of 100 kW and below who take delivery from ComEd, regardless of their choice of electric supplier.

2. Request a Free Assessment | Complete the online request form below, call 866-652-4219 (toll-free), or email us at

3. Assessment is Performed |  Either over the phone or on-site and scheduled at a time convenient for you. Biosecurity is taken seriously and we will discuss protocol when scheduling.

4. Get Results | See how much you can save and available cash rebates at conclusion of assessment.

5. Funding | Provides cash rebates for electric savings opportunities and technical expertise to determine eligibility for additional funds.


There are many benefits to installing energy efficient equipment and/or having an energy assessment completed for your farm operation, including:

  • Save energy and money
  • Identify and prioritize energy efficiency opportunities
  • Access cash rebates to purchase and install equipment upgrades
  • Opportunities to improve livestock comfort and production quality.

Click here for a list of equipment upgrade options and rebates available.

Click here to learn more about the Northern Illinois Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program

Program Rebates

Download the rebate application, fill it out, and return it to receive cash rebates. See the application for the submittal requirements. Please contact us for help if you have questions about the application at 866-652-4219.

Circulation and Ventilation/Exhaust Fans

To qualify for prescriptive rebates, all ventilation/exhaust and circulation fans must undergo third party testing and be rated through BESS Labs or AMCA Labs.

Make sure your choice qualifies.

Click Here for a list of qualifying ventilation/exhaust fans.

Click Here for a list of qualifying circulation fan lists.

Questions about the Northern Illinois Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program?

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